Get it Done

How do you get so much stuff done?  If you want to kill more birds with one stone keep reading.

When I was finishing my degree people asked me, “How do you get so much stuff done” and since then I still hear that.  Without a doubt some of it has to do with the kind of person you are.  If you are a highly motivated individual who wants to crank out a ton of different projects daily, weekly, monthly or annually then you’ll just do it. 

If you’re not then you probably won’t unless… that’s the keyword by the way.  Unless you discover ways in which to do so you won’t.  So in 2010 when I was up to my eyeballs with work, fixing my house, school work and working on different networking projects I read a book called The 4-Hour Workweek by author Timothy Ferris. 

Buy the book, it's be a great Christmas gift!  I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone that wants to grow in the area of productivity.  One of the key things I picked up was the idea Ferris presents called “batching”.  He presents it in the section titled “Interrupting: Interruption and the Art of Refusal”.  You can find it on page 106 in the print copy (search Interrupting on kindle).  Ferris talks about how to avoid being inefficient with email but I applied to a broader scope of life.  In essence what you would do is figure out ways of scheduling your life so that you are doing the most important things at the same time or similar things at the same time.  So what I did is figure out how I can take two or more things that were similar (in life) and use them for the same thing with minor tweaks. 

Something like scheduling different meetings with the same people at the same time or discussing creative ideas while I have creative people together even if it doesn’t apply to whatever that particular meeting is.  For instance, I was with a buddy discussing music ideas for his Christmas progam and dropped some ideas for writing then recruited him to be a writer for one of my blogs.    Leave a comment and let me know what you think.