Prayer, People & Progress

Hi Friends,

I’ve had an awesome and very busy few weeks.  I counted it all up and I’ve had over 150+ interactions with people in the last 28 days….

In the last two weeks alone I’ve had 100+ people come through my home.  I must say my wife has done an amazing job at keeping everything organized, people fed and our home immaculate.

And now we wait… I’ve put out the calls, follow up emails, texts and personal interactions and will pause for the next few days to pray and ask the Lord to His part.  He never fails. 

Please pray people make the decision to join our core team.

I’ve spoken to the Vice Principle at Orange Glen High School and he is working with the district to figure out if OG can be the location for the church plant.  In our time together we had a good interaction regarding the new church, having some volunteers to help the school and using the school as the new location.

Please pray we are able to get approved to server and meet at Orange Glen High School.

Yesterday I met with a young man who happened to own a used Ryder moving truck.  He let me know that when he heard we needed a truck he felt moved to see if the one he owned would work allowing us to buy this vehicle for a very, very low price.  He is going to have the truck evaluated to see if it will meet our needs and be a good investment for us.

Please pray this is a blessing and that our new church will be blessed by it!

We are currently finalizing the name; logo and communication roll out for the church plant.  Our graphics team at EFCC has done a spectacular job so keep your eyes peeled.

I am so thankful for your prayer and support and ask you to continue to ask the Lord to bless our new work in Escondido.

Advancing the Kingdom,


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