First Information Meeting

I planned on meeting with about 10 people and ended up speaking to a group of 40 adults outside while 20 children were playing inside my house.  God has been and is being so very faithful to us!

People of all ages showed up Sunday night because they were interested in joining the new church plant.  This was very exciting to say the least!  I don’t know how many of the 40 will join us on the journey of launching this church but I’m encouraged to see people committed to Jesus and the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of hope, change, redemption and life to those who haven’t experienced yet.

Our goal:  Inviting people to find hope and experience love through faith in Christ.

Our prayer:  To reach as many people as we can with this message in Northeast Escondido.

I have about 15 people signed up to meet with us this coming Sunday and am excited to see how many more God will bring. 

Please pray we will see many come to the meeting and that all of those who have already attended and plan on attending will deeply consider joining our new church.

If you are interested in considering joining the church plant core team please email me at and I’ll sign you up for the info meeting coming up this Sunday.

If you know anyone that would like to join our prayer team please forward this email to them and ask them to subscribe to the email distribution on the website.   Because I deeply believe God hears the prayers of his people I’d like to get up to 500 people praying for us regularly.  Right now I almost have 270 people on the prayer team so if everyone invites one person we’ll have 500.  Keep praying!

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