Church Plant Update - August 2013

Life can be a roller-coaster at times and right now.... I'm enjoying the ride!

Though I officially transitioned to my new position July 15th, I've been working full time on the New Church Plant now since August 5th due to some much needed and appreciated vacation time with my family.

I'm so happy to report we have just over 20 people who have joined our core team and have just under 30 people who will be joining us for an information dinner at our house this Sunday night.  My prayer is that we'll have close to 50 people confirmed and by the end of next and we'll have our next group of "interested people" ready our meeting the following Sunday.

I'm learning a few things:

One:  This is not about me

(God brings people to work on His projects)

I've been blown away by the people The Lord is drawing to the new church.  I can't believe my eyes when 30 year veteran missionaries step forward to do yet another church plant.  This isn't about my personality or how great I am (though I must say... just kidding).  This is new church is about God's people sensing His mission in their heart and responding to it.

Two:  God has bigger dreams than I do

(When I think I have big plans The Lord shows me I can dream bigger)

Time after time I've been impressed with how God blows out my categories of what is possible and impossible.  When I think I see a hurdle made of brick, The Lord sends someone my way who knows how to take brick walls apart. He’s been showing me how much more faith I can have if I continue to trust & depend on Him.

Three:  This is God's church & I'm committed to serving Him & His people

(God's people deserve a loving Pastor)

More than any other time in my ministry career the calling to being a pastor to and for the people of God is crystal clear.  I am His man.  He has made me that way & I greatly desire to care for those lost & found.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray 100 adults step forward to be part of our core team.
  • Pray The Lord provides all the necessary funds to get started.
  • Pray God would multiply my time as I'm meeting with lots and lots of people.
  • Pray for my family, that in the midsts of chaos we would have good interactions and quality time.
  • Pray that God would begin to prepare North East Escondido for our new work

I am thankful for you and your prayers!  I believe God hears honors them.

Advancing the Kingdom,