Church Plant Update - June 2013

Hi Friends!

I’ve been working on lots of things since my last update. 

Here is what has happened in the last 30 days:

I’ve spent the last month working on a few different documents that make up the initial infrastructure and systems the new church will need.  In all I wrote over 30 pages and had a lot of help from Pastor Dave Hall who works as the Missions Pastor at EFCC, Dave also helps our Senior Pastor (Dennis Keating) to oversee the Church Planting efforts at EFCC.

I’ve also been working on an information booklet I hope to put up for all of you to see.  This booklet will help to answer many questions people have had about our new adventure.

I’ve also been working on my transition from my current position at EFCC to full time Church Planter with Pastor Jeramy Clark who oversees the Discipleship Ministries.  The transition has been good.  We have great people in place helping to take over ministry and lead with faithfulness and diligence.

Here is what is coming up in the next 30 days:

I’m looking for 100 people from EFCC to make a commitment to help start this new church. EFCC has committed to help send up to 100 of its people to help be a catalyst for the launch of this new church.  I’ve begun praying through and working on a list of people I believe the Lord would see go.  Some of the people on this list have approached me and asked if they could come, others the Lord has laid on my heart.  I’ve begun working with Pastors Dennis & Greg Lane on this list.  To be clear I’m am just putting a list together of people I will ask, the people I ask have to say yes, so please pray we find 100 people to enthusiastically say yes.

We are currently still working on serving our neighborhood and seeing kids more and more regularly in and around our house.  Yesterday we had our first soccer match in the backyard which was awesome.

Prayer requests:

I would like to ask you to pray vigilantly about these three things for the next month.

1.      Vehicle

2.      100 people core team

3.      More prayer partners


Last night the only vehicle we have the fits our family of six was stolen out of our driveway.  I’m not sure why… but it was.  We are hoping to see it recovered and in good condition.  We also trust the Lord and await His leading in this.  Please pray He provides for us while we wait for 1) the return of the vehicle 2) the insurance to cover us.

100 people core team:

Please pray that I am able to identify 100 people that are ready for the task of planting this new church.  Pray we find them and they accept the challenge before us.  Maybe take some time to consider if the Lord would have you be part of our core team.

More prayer partners:

We have over 250 people on our prayer team right now and we are so thankful!  Please pray we can grow this prayer team from 250 to 1000.  You could also help us increase our prayer team by referring people to my website where they can sign up to join the team or forward this email to people that you know pray.

Thank you for your partnership Summer & I appreciate your prayers!

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