October Church Plant Update

October 3rd, 2013

Orchard Logo-Orange.jpg

Thank you for your prayers!

September was a very busy month. As you can imagine, starting a new church can be difficult. However, I have been incredibly blessed to work with you and the amazing team of people at Emmanuel Faith Community Church. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people or church.

Since my September update, I’ve been working or made progress on the following issues:

  1. Determining the name and logo for Orchard Community Church
  2. Growing the core team (60 adults with 20 kids)
  3. Growing the prayer team (300+ people)
  4. Setting up ministry teams in the core team
  5. Taking the core team through spiritual gifts and strengths testing
  6. Presenting eight informational meetings in various venues and Sunday school classes at EFCC

Currently I’m still working to solidify:

  1. Preaching calendar for 2014
  2. Leaders for core team ministry teams
  3. Website and e-mail needs
  4. Location for new church (praying for access to Orange Glen High School)
  5. Startup needs (e.g. truck, trailer and kids’ ministry equipment) by receiving quotes

So many people have been encouraging and willing to join our prayer team which has been a great blessing.  Many core team members have stepped up to help in different ways which is incredible!!

We still have a long way to go so please keep praying.

Prayer Requests:

1.  Orange Glen High School - Approval for building usage is pending

Pray that the drama teacher in charge of the rooms we want to use gives her approval so the school can finally approve our request!

Pray for my meeting with the Escondido High School District Superintendant on Monday, October 7 at 2:30 pm. My hope is that he and the teachers at OGHS will be excited to have our new church on their campus and fully understand what we intend to bring to the students, parents, and administration.

2.  Preaching calendar for 2014

Pray for me as I finish up the first draft of the preaching calendar for next year. I’m working with Pastor Dennis to finalize it so I can be WAY ahead of the game and prepared for all the topics.

3.  Fundraising for startup costs

Pray for wisdom as we create this budget and that the Lord provides every dollar we need for ministry purposes as there are many costs involved in starting OCC. Our budget has been through a few drafts and almost ready to present to donors. 

4.  Website & email for OCC

For the developing process of the new website and the needed email addresses. This is a tedious process for me, but the end product will be great!  I need someone who can help with this process so it can go live sometime in October. This will be a huge help for our launch in January!

5.  Core Team

Praise! We have 60 adults and about 20 children right now!  Thank the Lord! 

Pray that the Lord would give me strength, wisdom and great leaders; that the core team would have significant energy for the task at hand; that the core team can come up with 3-5 names of those who might be good for our core team and 10 names of unbelieving people in their lives for whom they can pray and invite to our soft launch in January.

I am so privileged to know that you are praying for OCC. Please continue to pray as we keep moving forward. Stay on the journey with us. Also, if you feel the Lord is leading you, and you are interested and considering joining the core team, please let me know. I would love to talk with you!!

Advancing His Kingdom,


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