Life as a Church Planter... Growing a Church

I'm not sure I'm church planting any more.... 

There are times I feel like I am. Mainly because the journey to start a church is very hard and takes a lot of time. In truth I wish, like many others, that I had some "miracle grow" so that the church would grow fast and I could hire people better than myself to come in and do amazing work. Hiring people into a healthy church with a healthy culture is a bit of a dream of mine. Why?  I'm glad you asked...

There is something very attractive to me about being part of a healthy, fun and dynamic team of church leaders. For starters, being on a church staff that is healthy, fun and dynamic is one of the most powerful experiences a person can fathom. Hands down, I'd trade any amount of money in the business world to be part of a healthy, fun and dynamic church team. The reason is simple, you know and feel like you are changing the world. When you experience that it's like a drug that takes over you. And friends there is no greater high than knowing you are contributing toward a changed world.

The other part of a team like that is that it feels like family. I've never felt like part of a family more than when I've been on a healthy, fun and dynamic Church leadership team. To me the Church is the safest place in the world. I know there can be knuckle heads that hurt people in the church but I want to be part of the solution to those people.

So there you have it, a couple of quick thoughts which have led me to think about whether or not I'm planting a church still or growing a small church into something larger. If you're reading this and live in San Diego County I'd ask you to do a couple of things. 

1) Pray for me

2) Consider joining me

I can't promise you riches but I can promise you that you will be on a team that is focused on inviting people to find hope and experience love through faith in Christ. We do this by helping people find their place in God's story. We'r not a perfect church but at the Orchard we are gather regularly, are always growing and reaching.