The Church

People are important.

The “C”hurch is more than a building, band or great message.  The Church is the people of God who gather together to worship God and love each other through prayer and sacrifice.  This concept is a difficult one for us in Southern California.

I don’t know about you but there was a time in my life early on in my ministry where I asked myself the question “why should I go to church?”  I had at that time experienced much pain and confusion in my relationship with God and the purpose of of gathering together with other believers had gotten lost, at least in my mind. 

I’ve been to house churches and did the whole “Sundays with my family is church” thing as well.  I asked God to reveal to me his purpose for the Sunday morning gathering as a church. What did I learn? I learned that a genuine relationship with God awakens our need for the Community of believers.

At some point we must recognize that we need people and they need us.  Together God uses us to show love, help those in need and prayerfully see the miraculous happen through changed lives.  I believe in a God that still works this way.  He works through His church and I look forward to sharing this message in full.  You can listen online at, we have the message posted on Wednesdays at the latest.



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