A few words on Santification

I wasn't planning on writing a blog today but in my study for this weekend, one emerged.  My new series for the next several weeks is titled "Lasting Joy".  My hope will be to journey through the book of Philippians extracting how people can find lasting joy in life.  In my initial message my final point brushes against the theological issue of sanctification.  Below is my brief study. From my study I'll wordsmith it for a broader audience.  This is a cursory quick blog... Not a full blown theological treatise.  If you want more, email me at assad@assadsaif.com and I'll send you more.  Let me know your thoughts. Cheers!

Sanctification is the act or process of being made or becoming holy or set apart.  When people seek righteousness it is in my view that they are in fact seeking to be engaged with God as He does the work of setting them apart for Holiness.  The source of Holiness is God and He will use whatever means He deems necessary to refine the believer.  The goal of sanctification then must be holiness.  That is, God’s aim in sanctifying the believer is that he or she be set apart for God and bring Glory to God through their lives.

The sanctification process utilizes natural agents of change associated with it.  These are the practices of public worship and attention to an intimate relationship with God.

The byproduct or result of holiness that occurs in the life of the believer is the fruit of the Spirit or fruits of righteousness.  When we acknowledge that God alone brings the fruit of righteousness in our lives we are primed to allow our old selves to die thereby relinquishing our will to the work of God in us.

Simply stated, the work of sanctification is that work of God where He gradually forms believers into those whom He initially intended.  Another way of understanding it would be that the work of sanctification is God lovingly restoring the believer to right relationship with Himself.

A further simplification would be to say, God is at work in you, let Him do His work and you will see good fruit.

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