10 Ways I Relax

In a previous blog post I identified the difference between relaxing and recharging.  Maybe it's just me but I've found that I relax and recharge differently.  Below you will see the 10 different ways I relax.  My hope is that you will consider how you relax and make sure to do so when on vacation. :)

Here are 10 ways I found that I relax:

  1. Sleep - One of the most important parts of relaxing for me is sleeping more than 8 hours.  I've found that when I do this I am better able to unwind.
  2. Eat - I feel like I'm constantly on a diet.  In order to relax I need to know that I'm not going to gain any weight so eating semi-healthy food is important.  Binge eating (though tempting) doesn't help me relax.  If anything it adds to my stress level as I'm worried about eating healthier the subsequent days.
  3. Nap- I love to nap!  Knowing I can take a nap on vacation in the middle of the day almost instantly relaxes me.
  4. Be Creative - I have to do something creative.  My brain is constantly producing ideas and I like that!  In order to relax I need to engage the creative part of myself and feel free to create or learn something.
  5. Read - I don't read for leisure much but I've learned that reading relaxes me.  Whether at home or on vacation reading is essential to lowering my stress.
  6. Watch T.V. - Sometimes I just need to veg... don't judge me. :)
  7. Time with my wife - I absolutely need time with my wife to find relaxation.  I need to have good conversations with her, thank God with her for all that we have and dream about our future together.
  8. Naps with my kids - I love to cuddle on the bed with my whole family.  Having them close to me means the world to me and fills my heart with contentment.
  9. Good family dinners - In a busy life it's easy to miss dinner with the family.  Relaxing on vacation or at home to me means having good family time at the dinner table beginning with prayer and cleaning the dishes for my wife.  This is a relaxing thing I like to do.
  10. Down Time - I need to take time each day and do... nothing.  I have learned to tell my mind "no" so that I can let it rest.

This is my list of how I relax.  How do you relax?  In the next couple of days I'll blog a little on how I recharge.  Stay tuned.