10 Ways to Recharge

On my vacation I learned the difference between relaxing and recharging.  When relaxing I had to find things that allowed me to rest and help set my mind at ease.  One of the things I learned was that relaxing for me had to be restful while recharging (finding renewal or renewed perspective) came from doing a whole other set of things.  I needed to rest to recharge but I needed to play to recharge as well.

Here are 10 ways to recharge:

  1. Time away - Get away from the normal rhythm of life to recharge.  I can do that on vacation or at home.  The point is to get away from your normal rhythm and spend some time doing something different.
  2. Down time - Make sure and have down time in your day.  Down time is time where you are not working on a project or thinking critically.  It could be spending time with a friend or watching a movie with some people you love, sleep or working in the garden.
  3. Scenic Views - Enjoy what God has created.  Take a look at the great world around you and let it fill your mind with creative motivation.  You can do this by taking a walk outside the office or if you work outside... just sit for a few minutes and take it all in.
  4. Time with God - Pray.  Talking to God is not overrated.  It is one of the most under-rated activities in our culture.  God wants to hear your voice because he wants to know you.  Talking to God is energizing.
  5. Play time - Get some exercise.  I like to work and can tend to get stuck in the office thinking I'm doing great things while missing out on the joy and re-energizing that comes from playing.  Throw a baseball or play a little soccer.
  6. Good conversations - I love great conversations.  Not argumentative stalemates.  Find some people you can talk about important stuff with.  Talk about yourself and how you process big issues.  When we stop challenging the way we think we can get stale.
  7. Appreciating Smiles - A smile from someone is a reminder to me that Joy and hope exist in the world.  Despite how a person may feel their smile recharges me.  I especially enjoy smiles from people close to me.  I like people who smile. :)
  8. Time alone - Get away from everyone and spend time alone.  There is no substitute for time alone.  It helps process your thoughts and quiet your mind.
  9. Find "No Pressure" Environments - Find times in your life where you can regularly experiences no pressure.  For me this looks like going to the movies or out to dinner with people I like to be around.  No pressure environments can be for an hour, 4 hours, a day or longer.  The point is to try to incorporate this regularly in your life.  You have to take the pressure off of yourself if you are going to recharge effectively.
  10. Manage Expectations - Work toward managing expectations of those at work and at home.  When you can manage the expectations of the people in your life, well, you are better able to recharge and even "keep" a charge.

I hope this helps.  Feel free to interact with me on any of these ideas or share some of your own.

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