12 toys for vacation

12 fun items to help Assad de-stress

I have the great privilege of spending some much needed time playing with my family this summer season.  As I was packing I thought about the toys we would need as a family of six and at the same time I thought of the different toys I would need in order to enjoy some time away from my normal rhythm of life de-stressing.  Here is a list of 12 things I packed that would hopefully help me unwind a bit.

1.  Macbook Pro - For times I need to jump online, write, collect my thoughts, answer much needed questions burning in my head, edit & store photos.

2.  iPad Mini - I use the mini as one of my main methods of reading & playing music.  I'm not into iPad games but very into my Kindle app & taking notes.

3.  Custom Made Wood Pen - My buddy Carlos handmade this rollerball pen for me and it goes with me everywhere.  I'm more of a gel ink guy but come on, who can resist a handmade wooden pen?

4.  Moleskin Notebook - My friend Sandra gave me a set of three moleskins for my birthday a few years ago, I use them to collect poetry and the songs I write.

5.  iPhone - Method of communication via phone, text & email.  I limit my email intake to 1-2 hours per day but text and talk as a means of relaxation.

6.  Nike GPS Sport Watch - My wife Summer gave this to me for Father's day and I've been using it ever since.  I use this to track my mileage and pace.

7.  Rebel Digital Camera - Photography has always been a passion of mine and now my wife is a professional photographer so together we're able to share our hobby of capturing stunning photos....  at least try to. :)

8. Biography on Leonardo DaVincii - I've always been fascinated by Leo.  Packing a paper book is a discipline of mine for relaxation and enjoyment.

9.  Ruler - I use the ruler for some of my sketch work.  A must have.

10.  Sketch Book - I will be using the sketch pad to work on some of my art skills so i am better able to draw.

11.  Eraser - I'm a beginner pencil artists so I make lots of mistakes.  That is where the eraser comes in handy.

12.  Pencils - I am learning to sketch using pencil instead of my go to, pen.  The pencils allow me to play with shading and erase my mistakes.

These are my 12 items I would want with me on vacation, what types of things do your normally use?


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