8 Ways Churches Can Be Better

I recently spent some time listening to a series of speakers discuss the best ways they have learned for churches to connect better with people.  The conference I sat through was called “The Nines” see here for more info on the conference. http://thenines.tv/


The following 8 actions/issues/principles are things that I’ve found to be important as I continue to work with my church leaders to form a church that is actively reaching people in today’s culture.

Here are the 8 things I took away that in my opinion all churches can do a better job at.

1) Love People First:

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  We have to do a better job at connecting with people in a relational way before you try to push religion.  My advice… don’t ever push religion, live out a life committed to Jesus and let that little light shine.

2) Practice A Persuasive Faith:

People come to Jesus better when they persuaded people with our love.  Most people are sharing things about their lives in order that others would either covet what they have or they desire followership.  Christians have Jesus to share and the only way it will cut through the noise of everyday life is if you’re lifestyle is persuasive enough to influence people to check Jesus out.

3) Serve Your Community:

Seeking the welfare of the city is a critical component of a church on God’s mission.  Figure out a way to do something that is a blessing to the city.  My wife and I like to invite the neighborhood kids over to our house and keep our house in a way the facilitates fun activity for them.

4) Love Your Community:

Commit to loving and caring for the community you are in.  Take a real hard look at your heart and challenge yourself to develop a heart that cares for the community you live in.  This is one of those times where the grass may be greener on the other side… but friend if you don’t water your own yard it will never be green on your side. 

5) Grace Needs Practice:

Practice a grace that builds humility.  You actually get better and being humble and graceful when you practice it.  This is hard to do but not complicated at all.  The bible says in Phil. 3:13 we shouldn’t consider ourselves as those who have figured it all out but lay down the things in life that ties us up and press forward straining toward the prize.  The prize being Jesus.  When we practice pursuing Jesus we have to lay down our pride.

6) Welcome Everyone In:

All people are welcome & invited to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Open the doors and let everyone in.  Don’t put any obstacles in the way of people, rather preach the bible and let people experience the great love God has for them.  Yes people are dealing with sin… I’m one of them.  God’s spirit encourages those of us who sin to knock it off and turn to him.  It’s his job to convict and our job to preach Jesus.

7) Give People Access to Jesus:

We know that when people meet Jesus in a real way they become faced with an opportunity to either begin a life changing journey with him or not.  The work of transforming people is God’s and not ours.  Too many times we feel like we need to change people when in fact God has a plan for them.

8) Speak Out Against Injustice

God’s people need to be those whose heart beats for the things of God and injustice is one of the things God cares about greatly.  There are many injustices that surround us.  The ones that come to my mind quickly are those that deal with different kinds of prejudice and the subjugation of peoples (here and around the world).  I am at a point in my life now where I want to take a personal stance against these things in a positive way that persuades people to follow Jesus like I follow Him.  This means that when I see someone being mean… I’m going to call it out.  So… look out. J

Feel free to let me know what you think or leave a comment.  I hope this helps you think through the kind of church you want to be part of and the kind of Christian you want people to see as you live your life.

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