The Stalker

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I’m not going to lie… This title might be a wee stretch for the character quality I’m trying to identify.  But for fun we’ll stick with it.

Generally the character trait of a “stalker” is very negative.  A real stalker is someone who offers obsessive or unwanted attention.  They are known to monitor others, harass and intimidate them…

For our purposes here the character quality of the Stalker is that of someone who lurks around and watches without engaging in any kind of conversation.  On facebook this looks like someone who may “like” your posts or pictures but wont’ comment on someone’s comment or post anything for themselves on their page.

From the relational perspective the facebook stalker isn’t necessarily bad or dangerous.  They are just kind of absent.  They express there “like” of other peoples comments or photos but don’t engage in an online relationship.


The Stalker tends to be loyal so they’ll “like” lots of stuff.  Also, they won’t tend to engage in debates so that makes them easy to be friends with.


Though can be very loyal and non-combative they can easily be forgotten.  If they don’t engage what will happen is you’ll end up saying to yourself “who was that liking my post?”.  It is hard to develop any sense of relationship with someone who doesn’t engage in the relationship, social networks included.

So there you have it.  The Facebook Stalker can be a great supporter and because we’re all connected to people with this character quality it is important to seek to engage with them online and off.

It is important to remember that there are all kinds of people out in the online community.  You should only add people as friends online when you know them or are able to connect the dots on how they are or can be affiliated with you.  There have been many “stalkers” on facebook who have taken advantage of people and should not be taken lightly.  So be careful about the personal information you post online.

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