A Thought on Sandy Hook

I didn’t want to write this.

I felt compelled to so bear with me.

I don’t even know where to begin…


My heart and mind still wrestle with the reality that slapped America in the face over a month ago now.  20 children and 6 teachers killed.  When I heard the news of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary my heart sank.  I didn’t know how to process it and for days I just thought to myself “just pray”.  So I did.  I prayed for the families of the victims and for the family of the assailant.  During that time I thought frequently “it’s easy for you to pray because you weren’t affected.”  The truth is even though I felt deeply saddened by what had happened and that such a terrible thing can happen I was still able to hug and kiss my kids and my wife that night, the next night and the night after that. 

I started trying to find answers in all of it.  I know the argument for bad things happening in the world, why bad things happen to good people and so on but I still had a nagging desire for this to cleanly fit into a box and for it all to make sense.

The hard truth is that there are no answers in this.  It is just plain evil.

It was then that I realized that no matter how well versed you are in any particular argument that the fact remains that when some kind of tragedy strikes like this, there just aren’t answers to be found.  Knowing why the guy killed those kids and adults may aid in the process of finding closure but… there is absolutely no sense in this.  No pearl of truth.  Sure we need to protect our kids better, sure we can make more laws, sure we can make some kind of change (which is good) but… there is just no answering… why?

The only thing that brings me peace is belief in a God that can give peace to those that want it.  That hope rests only in the prospect of God reconciling the world and all it’s people to Himself.  I believe that.  I trust that in placing my faith in Christ and obeying the principles found in the Bible the world can be… better.  Even in the midst of tragedy.  God alone can bring peace to the families of the victims and He can mend the hearts of those whose hearts have been utterly broken.  That is why I prayed.  I prayed in faith, trusting God can do these kinds of things.

I have placed my hope in Jesus Christ trusting that in helping people know and trust Him I can be part of the mission of seeing the world transformed by God.  There are those who will reject this and there are those who will accept this as well.  Regardless of what side of the fence you may stand on, my hope is that you’ll at least consider partnering with me in seeing a better world.

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