Facebook Friends

What kind of Facebook Friends do you have?

I’m playing with the idea of writing a book.  There are lots of ideas for books I’ve had but only a few I think I would like to write and publish myself if I had to, “Facebook Friends” is one of those books.  So over the next month or so I’d like to introduce my ideas to you and my request is that you would interact with me on them. 


I started using Facebook in 2007 and have noticed some significant trends in how people behave and how the Facebook culture has contributed to the way people develop online relationships.

In the next month or couple of months I’m going to be presenting my observations on some sociological behaviors that manifest themselves on Facebook.   In each one I’ll identify the characteristic, advantages or disadvantages, differences, similarities, problems and solutions toward developing healthy relationships online and in person.  Yeah it’s a little ambitious but the describes me just fine.

I’ll be connecting characteristics to characters, for now I’ll let you try to figure out which character is who and what.

1.      The Extrovert

2.      The Talker

3.      The Stalker

4.      The Debater

5.      The Bible Nazi

6.      The Bragger

7.      The Crybaby

8.      The Enabler

9.      The Peacemaker

10.  The Questioner

11.  The Philosopher

There may be more but these are the ones I have for now.  Which one are you?   Which one do you think I am?