Christmas Time Is Here

There is something wonderful about this time of year.  People seem happier and a little more ready to smile and greet each other with good tidings.  Putting up the lights around your home, setting up a Christmas tree and wrapping presents for someone else ignites in us some kind of cheer.  Cheer.  I like that word.  It represents to me a kind of hope that comes with Christmas.  Makes me think of the holiday “Cheer-Mister” from the movie “The Grinch that stole Christmas”.

Lights - Colorful.jpg

Somehow it doesn’t all seem to fit though.  This is the time of year where lots of things begin to die.  The winter has already announced it’s coming with the fall and for many that marks the beginning of the season where things wither up and go dormant.  Yet someone how people rail against it by celebrating.  We gather together when it gets cold.  We warm ourselves with fires, drink good things and eat tasty treats.

How does the human spirit thrive when the earth is going dormant?  I think it is fundamentally linked to baby Jesus.  The coming of Jesus Christ fundamentally altered our thinking of the winter months.  Instead of settling down into a gloomy disposition we link this time of year with great hope.  That hope comes from the coming of a newborn King whose desire was to bring hope to the world.  That is spectacular.

How do you make sense of the Christmas season?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, comment and let me know.