Massage or Not?

So I've had a knot in the upper right side of my back for the past two weeks.  It’ s been driving me crazy.  I can’t sleep well at night.  I can’t think straight during the day.  I thought it would be a good idea to get it worked out by a massage technician (this is my masculine term for Masseuse) 

In the past I've always went to a massage place that has a chair out in front.  I get a little freaked out with the thought of going back into a room with a stranger so I figure I’ll stay out where everyone can see the massage technician beat me up publicly.

karate chop.jpg

Now…  I know that going through the incredible pain the technician plans on delivering to my back will help me… but as soon as they start screaming and delivering incredible pain to my back I feel like something has gone wrong.  That feeling comes from the shooting pain that is moving across my back causes me to jump and react in the chair.  I feel my breathing escalate while I’m trying not to scream out in pain.

After 20 minutes of being brutalized by the massage technician I feel 100% better.  It normally doesn't happen that way.  Normally I need a little time of letting my body heal but this time if felt great.

I asked the guy what it was going to take to get my back into shape and work out all of the knots and he told me if I can one to two times per week for the next month or two I’d be up to par.  I just about fainted.

What are your thoughts on massage?  Do you like it?  What kind?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.